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September 6, 2019
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August 31, 2019

Sound Design & Scoring For Film


Scoring is composing for film and TV is an ever-changing landscape. Many of the jobs are now in the video game industry, and those are often the projects with the biggest budgets.


This course will cover the following:

  • Critical Analysis of existing Film Scores: Genres, Codes, Moods & Stylistic Expression
  • Definition/Specifics of Musical Syntax: harmonic/melodic usage, instrumentation, orchestration, use of synthesizers/sampling, etc.
  • Underlying Technical Demands and Processes: Spotting Sessions – Timings – Post-Production Flow
  • Filmic world: narrative, visual, aural, FX, genre, historical/period.
  • Scoring Assignments – preparation for — and critiques of: a) Scores for Film Clips
  • Technology and Music Software
  • Understanding the aesthetic implications of using software tools
  • Learn to use the software to work effectively
  • Students will create a realistic-sounding orchestra with high-quality computer samples
  • Compose a score in a style that fits both your own musical flavor and that of the show
  • Learn how to Manage Your Time
  • Address the matrix of directorial vision and the visual, narrative, and dramatic world of a film
  • This course will examine a broad range of musical approaches and those requirements necessary for composing music for film and multimedia.
  • Cultural, cinematic, and musical codes will be discussed and critiqued through critical analyses of seminal scores, scoring assignments, and discussions.
  • As Film Music is nowadays highly dependent on technology, the course will provide an introduction to the use of Computer software and tools to produce music.
  • Students will learn to compose stylistically appropriate music for diversity audiovisual scenes.
  • Learn to utilize a library of existing clips to create a matrix of film-specific musical and technical skills.
  • Students will assimilate significant aesthetic approaches in their scores that are concurrent with contemporary aesthetics.


At the end of the program, students are expected to compose and create electronic mock-ups.



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