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August 31, 2019
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Screenwriting For Film & TV (Online Course)


Writers create the overall vision for the development of the story and its characters


This course introduces students to the best online screenwriter’s curriculum, providing students with an environment where they are provided with the opportunity to connect, broaden, and reimagine a creative screenwriter’s workspace.

The course is a perfect introduction to the fantastic world of film and TV writing, from the fundamentals of the craft down to the rewriting process, exploring the easier ways to learn how to write a page-turning script.

Students will learn from a mixture of basic theory on a narrative structure, screenplay formatting, script analysis, dialogue, subtext, exposition, elements of a scene, character arcs, and theme. They will explore key principles as usually expressed in great films, then immediately apply these concepts. Videos, articles, and discussions will offer the opportunity to learn and engage with other learners on key concepts and ideas.


At the end of the workshop, students will become a confident practitioner in all areas of writing and will develop an insight into professional working practices.


It is recommended that students have a laptop or smartphone, that enables video and sound conferencing, with a moderate internet connection for this course.

During the course, students will perform writing exercises and get personalized feedback on their work. Written exercises and interactive discussion boards/chats will assist students with their studies. By viewing videos, students can analyze screenwriting techniques of screenwriters.

At the end of the course, students will be given a personal plan on how to approach the industry. Over the four weeks course, every student will have uniquely been tutored to appreciate and achieve their different goals for a screenwriting career.



PRE-RECORDED SESSIONS: Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays
CLASS LENGTH: 20 Mins/Class
COURSE FEE: ₦125,000

DCA is a professional Academy that knows what it offers and offers the best. Excellence is visible in all they do and they ensure their students learn and bring nothing less to the table.

Bologi Christiana Stephen

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