About - Del-York Creative Academy


The Del-York Creative Academy is Africa’s foremost capacity building institution for film, media, animation, technology, and marketing communications industry. The film and media school with headquarters located in Lagos, Nigeria is pioneering the growth of the African Creative Industry, through its intensive hands-on training programs. We bring international experts from Hollywood to provide African creatives with comprehensive training for working in the global creative industry. Certified by Nigeria’s National Board for Technical Education, Del-York Creative Academy has remained the best filmmaking and media studies institution since its founding in 2010, and has since attracted participants from across Africa and as far as Europe and the Americas. Our aim is to build the next generation of talents in film production and media, adopting the best modules for a top learning experience.


To be the engine that powers Africa's creative industry and unlock the opportunities within.


To build a vocational bridge for students between academia and industry guaranteeing professional success while training and empowering a generation of exceptional talent that will move Africa forward through cinema, storytelling and media innovation.


Our training programs provide a rich learning experience that empowers participants with the skills they need to lead successful, creative careers.