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September 11, 2020
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This course is a comprehensive program that teaches how to take control of the camera. Students will receive training on proper composition and how professional photographers create the perfect shot in all conditions.


This course introduces students to the state-of-the-art school of photography with a DCA environment that provides students with the opportunity to connect, broaden, and reimagine the expertise of professional photography.

Students will be exposed to analyzing surroundings and situations through the eyes of professional photographers.

Students are taught to master the picture-taking process. Throughout this class, you will learn to make compositional decisions, then adjust your technique accordingly. You will learn to vary your exposure based on certain subjects and lighting scenarios.

Throughout this workshop, students will be taught to master every aspect of light. You will start with a comprehensive overview of natural and available light as you learn how to work without flash or strobes. You will learn to identify light by direction, color, and quality before making compositional decisions accordingly. From there, you will delve into artificial light, the bread and butter of a professional photographer's workflow.


At the end of the program, students are expected to have a detailed understanding on proper composition and create the perfect shot in every conditions.



This experience have been sure an exciting one so far. The video qualities are top notch 👌👌 and lots of information you wouldn't know on a normal day. Thank you so much del York creative Academy for this great experience.

Adebola Anim

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